Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tigers' Turn in Strong Performance at First FLL Tournament

The Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tigers'  FLL Tournament debut resulted in a very strong performance from the trio of boys from George H.W. Bush Elementary.  The FIRST Lego League qualifying tournament was held on December 21st, at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas.  The event was sponsored and coordinated by Perot Museum and Parish Episcopal staff.

The 'Tornado Tigers' made their robotics games debut, with a stunning performance in the first round of competition.  The team scored 262 points, to place 5th on the leader board after the first round of robot action.  In the second round, the team again turned in an incredible rookie team performance, scoring 224 points to place 6th in the round two action.  After a solid 115 point third round, the team held onto the 6th place in total points scored for the event, with 601 points.  The teams first round opening score of 262, stood for the 7th highest score on the day, out of a field of 32 teams !    With an average round finish of 8.3, the team was a solid 6th place team on the leader board.

Members of the Patriot Engineering Team watch as their robot works at the FLL Tournament in Dallas.

Patriot Engineering Team members at Parish Episcopal School, FLL Tournament.

Lane Duncan celebrates a successful obstacle course mission at the Perot Museum sponsored FLL Tournament.

Despite the strong showing, and impressive rookie performance, the team was not selected to advance to the Regional Competition.  A panel of judges select the top 8 teams from each qualifying tournament, and decisions for invitations to advance, include subjective categories based upon judges opinions of which teams should advance.  Even though the Patriot Engineering Team performed with the top teams, the 'Tornado Tigers' will have to wait for 2014 to have a chance at regional competition.  With their rookie season in the books, the team hopes to have learned enough to advance to the next round in 2014 !  The crew certainly had an awesome time, and learned a lot !

Patriot Engineering Team takes a lunch break at the FIRST LEGO League Tournament at Parish Episcopal School.

Lane Duncan, Mason Dicks, and Grayson Jones at work at the Patriot Engineering Team pit during the FLL Tournament sponsored by Perot Museum, and hosted by Parish Episcopal School in Dallas.

Lane Duncan, Grayson Jones and Mason Dicks of the Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tigers'.

The team would like to thank all of the sponsors, including Enloe Museum and supporters at Duncan Motorsports.  Thank you to all of the parents, coaches, and supporters from George H.W. Bush Elementary.  We appreciate the opportunity to compete, and thank the Perot Museum and Parish Episcopal School for coordinating the event.  And, thank you FIRST LEGO League for making such a program possible !  The Patriot Engineering Team is already preparing for the 2014 season, and look forward to competing at the next tournament !