Monday, December 8, 2014


The Patriot Engineering Team from George H.W. Bush Elementary in Addison, competed in the FIRST Lego League Qualifier Tournament, contested at University of Texas at Dallas, in Richardson.  The event was held on Saturday, December 6th, and featured a 32 team field of FLL competitors.  After three rounds of robotics action, the Patriot Engineering Team emerged with a top ten finish, and secured a spot in the next round of FLL Tournament action !

After finishing the first round with a middle of the pack performance, the team turned in a clutch performance in the second round, placing the team in the top five.  After scoring another great performance to finish the third and final round, the team remained solidly in the top ten and was selected to advance to the Super Qualifier Tournament, scheduled for January 17th, at the Trinity High School in Euless.

The team was faced with a few programming challenges, which resulted from a variance in the team's practice table and the actual competition tables.  The team will adjust accordingly, and will correct the issue before the next event.  With the experience of the tournament, and additional scoring opportunities that a few program changes will provide, the team feels confident that the robot performance can be improved.

The Patriot Engineering Team would like to thank all of our supporters, who have contributed to the 2014-15 FLL competition effort !!

Patriot Engineering Team prepares for FLL competition at UTD Richardson.

Patriot Engineering Team representing Addison, Texas and Bush Elementary, during FLL Regional Qualifier.

University of Texas at Dallas, FLL Regional Qualifier Tournament fields.

Action in the Patriot Engineering Team pit #13.

Patriot Engineering Team members take to the floor during FIRST Lego League tournament action at UTD.

Patriot Engineering Team on deck, during the University of Texas FLL Tournament.

Patriot Engineering Team from George H.W. Bush Elementary, prepare for FLL Tournament action at UTD.

Lane Duncan takes a moment to focus, during round 2 FLL Tournament action at UTD.

Patriot Engineering Team received props for their robotics cart, during FLL tournament action.

Lane Duncan works the PET robot, during FLL competition at University of Texas.

Patriot Engineering Team, Grayson Jones, Lane Duncan and Mason Dicks.

Patriot Engineering Team receives honors for their top ten finish, and advances to the next round of  FLL Competition.

Patriot Engineering Team celebrates a top ten finish, on their way to the next round of FLL competition.

Patriot Engineering Team, Mason Dicks, Grayson Jones and Lane Duncan.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Patriot Engineering Team Prepares for FLL Regional Qualifier Tournament

The Patriot Engineering Team members are preparing for the 2014 FIRST Lego League Regional Qualifier Tournament, to be held on December 6 at University of Texas - Dallas.  The event will be held on the UT Campus, in the Activity Center Main Gym, with a schedule of events from 9am to 3pm.

The PET team will compete in three rounds of robotics action, and will conduct a presentation during two additional scoring events.  The project theme for the 2014 FLL, is World Class Learning, which challenges teams to prepare methods of education which might be used in the future.  The PET team project, 'Disco Library' involves video education, and illustrates how education can be made efficient with the use of video instructions.

Good luck to the Patriot Engineering Team members, and to all of the FLL teams, as they embark on FLL World Class Learning Unleashed !!