Thursday, December 19, 2013

Patriot Engineering Team FLL Tournament Schedule

The Patriot Engineering Team prepares for a warmup exercise on Thursday night, as the team will debut its 'Tornado Tiger' robot at the George H.W. Bush Elementary School, prior to the Christmas program.  

The team will be competing at the Perot Museum sponsored FLL Tournament, to be held at Parish Episcopal School Dallas, on December 21st.    The facility is located 4101 Sigma Road, Dallas, 75244, and is just blocks away from the George H.W. Bush Elementary.  The 'Tornado Tigers' team tournament schedule for the day is as follows:

8am - 8:45am      Registration
8:45 - 9:00am      Opening Ceremonies
10:06am               Round, #1   Match#8  - Robot Competition -  Green Table
10:25am               Project Judging   - Project Room #1
10:55am               Robot Design Judging  -   Robot Room #2
11:25am               Core Values Judging   - Core Values Room #1
11:48am               Round #2    Match#22  - Robot Competition -  Green Table
12:00 - 1pm         Lunch 
3:04 pm                Round #3,    Match #47 - Robot Competition  - Blue Table
3:30 pm                Awards and Closing Ceremonies

The event is free admission, with spectator seating in the gymnasium for viewing the robot competition.  Teams will prepare their robots to embark upon various missions, scoring points for successful completion of tasks on an obstacle course.

Come check out the area teams and their robots, and cheer for the 'Tornado Tigers'  !!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Patriot Engineering Team Set to Debut Tornado Tiger Robot

Members of the Patriot Engineering Team, Tornado Tigers squad, are set to debut their robot during the upcoming FIRST Lego League tournament.  The event will be held at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, on Saturday December 21st.  Tournament action begins at 9am, with the Tornado Tigers first match set for 10:30am.  The team will compete in three rounds of robot competition, as well as a Robot Design and FLL Project presentations.  Second and third rounds of robot competition, are scheduled for 1pm and 2:54 pm, for the team.

Patriot Engineering Team prepares the 'Tornado Tiger' robot for FLL Competition

As part of the FLL competition, the team will showcase their 'Tornado Tiger' Storm Helmets.  The team has designed and constructed the storm helmets, for head protection during severe weather situations.

The Patriot Engineering Team plans to perform a demonstration of the Tornado Tiger robot, at the George H.W. Bush Elementary on Thursday evening.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tigers' will be competing in the Parish Episcopal hosted, FIRST LEGO League Tournament, now rescheduled for December 21st. The event was postponed due to weather. Previous event schedule will remain in place, for the competition brackets.

FLL Tournament schedule for December 21st.

Patriot Engineering Team schedule, for Perot Museum sponsored FLL Tournament at Parish Episcopal School., December 21st.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The Patriot Engineering Team ' Tornado Tigers' group is preparing for the FIRST LEGO League Tournament competition, to be held this weekend on Saturday, December 7.  The event is coordinated by the Perot Museum, and hosted by the Parish Episcopal School (4101 Sigma Rd, Dallas, Tx 75244).

Area teams will be competing in robotics, project, and core values categories.  The top teams will advance to FLL Regional Competition, to be held in a Spring tournament at Hockaday.  The Patriot Engineering Team enters the tournament as a rookie team, and hopes to learn from the experience.  The 'Tornado Tigers' have prepared their robot, to attempt several missions during the event, while keeping the plan simple.  For the project portion, the team has designed and constructed storm helmets.  The 'Tornado Tiger' Storm Helmets are designed and fabricated to provide head protection during a storm.  The team message will be to prepare for tornadoes, by including a helmet with emergency preparation kits at home.

Lane Duncan works on storm helmet prototypes for Patriot Engineering Team

Lane Duncan applies orange paint, to the PET Storm Helmets

Lane Duncan watching paint dry, at the Duncan Motorsports facility.

Patriot Engineering Team practice

Designing Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tiger' t-shirts.

Assembling Defiant Lights for installation on PET Storm Helmets

Patriot Engineering Team 'Tornado Tiger' Storm Helmet

PET Robot practice

Friday, November 8, 2013

Patriot Engineering Team to Compete in FLL Qualifier

The Patriot Engineering Team has been confirmed as an entry for the FIRST LEGO League Regional Qualifier Tournament, to be held on December 7th.  The event will be hosted by the Parish Episcopal School, Midway Campus, in Dallas.

Lane Duncan takes notes during the FLL scrimmage at Coppell High School.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Patriot Engineering Team Prepares for 2013

The Patriot Engineering Team is preparing for their rookie season in the First LEGO League competition.  The team roster is being finalized for FLL Team # 13049, and the team is preparing equipment and supplies for the season !

Visit the Perot Museum FLL website, for additional North Texas FLL information:

The 2013 focus will be on 'Natures Fury', and teams will study and prepare solutions for natural disasters, using technology and robotics.  Stay tuned !!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mineral Wells Fossil Park Excursion

A recent excursion to the Mineral Wells Fossil Park resulted in the excavation of many quality fossils.  A portion of the collection will be labeled and presented to the Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe, for display along with other fossil collections.

Fossil hunting at the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.

Research and collection excursion at Mineral Wells Fossil Park

A fine collection of fossils, recovered at the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bush Elementary GT Programs Feature Tanks and Tractors

The George H.W. Bush Elementary Gifted and Talented Program featured student research projects, which were concluded with a presentation during the Bush Elementary PTA meeting.  Among the presentations was  the research project on the History of Tanks and Track Vehicles by Lane Duncan.  Lane used several months of research to form a presentation on the history of tractors and track design, which eventually led to the design of the military tank and track vehicles.  Lane and the other students used Power Point presentations and narrated their research projects to the crowd at George H.W. Bush Elementary.

Lane Duncan prepares his Power Point presentation at George H.W. Bush Elementary.

George H.W. Bush Elementary GT Program presentation.

Lane Duncan narrates his GT project to the George H.W. Bush Elementary crowd.

Lane Duncan and students at George H.W. Bush Elementary prepare  their project presentation.

George H.W. Bush Elementary, Gifted and Talented Expo.

Bush Elementary Math Project Turns To Agricultural Mechanics

The George H.W. Bush Elementary second grade class recently chose topics relating to mathematics, for a class project assignment.  Lane Duncan presented mathematical techniques used on his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor, used in LSGTPA tractor pulling competition.  Calculations are used in determining pulley and belt sizing for clutch adjustments, front to rear weight ratios, hitch height and angle adjustments, and more.  The students were presented with examples of mathematics, used routinely in driving and maintaining the tractor. 

Lane Duncan uses agricultural mechanics at George H.W. Bush Elementary.

Lane Duncan uses mathematics to properly prepare his tractor for pulling competition.