Tornado Tiger Storm Helmets

United States
Team Name: 
Patriot Engineering Team
Team Description: 
Patriot Engineering Team consists of four students from George H.W. Bush Elementary, in Addison, Texas. Students on the team plan and develop engineering projects, during an after school program. The team meets monthly to coordinate fabrication of projects or practice sessions. In 2013, the rookie FLL team competed in one regional qualifying tournament, as the 'Tornado Tigers', and scored a top ten finish. The team plans to expand its roster in 2014 and hopes to return to FLL Coopertition !
Our invention best falls under this category: 
Preparing for Natural Disasters
Brief Invention Description: 
Studies have shown that a leading cause of injury during a storm, are injuries sustained from flying debris. Among those injuries, head injuries are the most severe and life threatening. The Patriot Engineering Team has developed the Tornado Tiger Storm Helmet, for protection against head injuries during a weather event. The helmet is designed to be worn when seeking shelter from storm situations, during storm spotter activities, or search and rescue operations. The helmets are equipped with protection features for high wind situations, where flying debris would present a potential for head injury. The helmets also feature lighting devices for night operation, and communication devices to aid in tracking. The helmets comfortable and lightweight design takes only seconds to strap on, and leaves the hands free during a storm to further protect or stabilize the individual during a storm.