Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Duncan Earns LSGTPA Youth Class Tractor Pulling Championship Title

Marauder Engineering Team member and Davis Intermediate student Lane Duncan, has been crowned the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pulling Association 2016 Champion in the LSGTPA Youth Class.  Lane competes in the series with a pair of 1000 pound tractors, with which he pilots on a 200 foot track.  The contestants of the tractor pull, will each compete in two rounds of pulling, to determine which team can pull an 8500 pound sled the furthest distance.

Tractor pulling in the LSGTPA Youth Class division, is open for drivers up to and including 14 years of age.  Drivers competing in the series, will compete for championship points in each of approximately 12 events per year.  Each tractor pulling team uses custom built tractors, which involve calculations for tractor weight, gear ratios, tire sizes, and engine tuning.

Lane's Duncan Motorsports team hopes to use the machines in shows and displays, to promote the STEM highlights of the tractors.  Students can apply various engineering principles into understanding the functions of the machines, and learn the challenges faced by tractor pulling teams who use these principles in the sport.  Real world applications of weight, friction, and gearing are utilized at each LSGTPA event.  Those teams who can master the engineering principles involved, can increase their chances of performing well in the series.

For more information on LSGTPA tractor pulling, visit the www.lsgtpa.com webpage LSGTPA Tractor Pulling

Congratulations Lane !
LSGTPA driver Lane Duncan, joins the 2016 Class Championship Title holders.

Lane Duncan wheeled his tractors to a one-two finish, securing the 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class Championship.

Sarah Crowe presents Lane Duncan with the LSGTPA Youth Class Championship Title.

Lane Duncan celebrates his 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class Championship.

Lane Duncan launches his 'Twisted Kitty' Youth Class tractor enroute to his LSGTPA Championship title.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor to a runnerup 2016 finish, securing the top two spots for his Duncan Motorsports pulling team.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome Marauders !

With the graduation of students and team members of the Patriot Engineering Team, from Bush Elementary, the next chapter begins !  We wish all of the students, supporters, and fans of PET the best of luck in their future endeavors !!  We expect to see great things from the previous members of PET !

The core members and supporters are now preparing for more fun with engineering, as the Marauder Engineering Team !  Stay tuned for more news and updates, as the Marauder Engineering Team sets sail on the high seas of science !

Have a great summer !!