Sunday, May 13, 2012

George H.W. Bush GT Fair

The students representing the Gifted and Talented Program at George H.W. Bush Elementary have been preparing research projects for display at the PTA meeting on Thursday, May 17th.  Lane Duncan has selected 'geodes' as his topic of research.  Lane began searching for and collecting samples of geodes while on excursions with Richard Duncan, of the Clara Foster Slough Museum.  Over the past couple of years, Lane has discovered geodes, fossils, and sharks teeth in the river bed of the North Sulphur River.  Using the geode as the subject of his project, will allow many students the opportunity to see geodes up close, and understand a little about the formation of geodes.  The research exhibit, along with Lane's collection of fossils and sharks teeth, will be placed in the Clara Foster Slough Museum in Enloe, Texas, after the Gifted and Talented Fair viewing.

Lane Duncan and GT Coordinator Carolina Pineiro, checking out the North Sulphur River geodes exhibit at the George Herbert Walker Bush Elementary Gifted and Talented Fair.

Other exhibits featured research topics such as the manufacturing of cheese, a study of volcanoes, planets and black holes, dinosaurs, penguins, wolves and even studies on the mythical chupacabra and werewolves !
Ms. Pineiro allowed the students to really use their imaginations in their research projects, which kept the interest level extremely high and certainly maximized the fun in the projects !  Great job Ms. Pineiro and all of the Bush Elementary G.T. students !

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