Monday, February 11, 2013

Bush Elementary GT Programs Feature Tanks and Tractors

The George H.W. Bush Elementary Gifted and Talented Program featured student research projects, which were concluded with a presentation during the Bush Elementary PTA meeting.  Among the presentations was  the research project on the History of Tanks and Track Vehicles by Lane Duncan.  Lane used several months of research to form a presentation on the history of tractors and track design, which eventually led to the design of the military tank and track vehicles.  Lane and the other students used Power Point presentations and narrated their research projects to the crowd at George H.W. Bush Elementary.

Lane Duncan prepares his Power Point presentation at George H.W. Bush Elementary.

George H.W. Bush Elementary GT Program presentation.

Lane Duncan narrates his GT project to the George H.W. Bush Elementary crowd.

Lane Duncan and students at George H.W. Bush Elementary prepare  their project presentation.

George H.W. Bush Elementary, Gifted and Talented Expo.

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