Thursday, October 2, 2014


The Patriot Engineering Team members, from George H.W. Bush Elementary, are preparing for their  2014 FIRST Lego League competition !  The members have organized and registered as Patriot Engineering Team #8636, representing Addison, Texas.

The team competed in 2013, as a rookie team, and scored a top five finish in the FLL robotics competition, in regional qualifying.  The team would like to improve upon their finish from 2013, and advance into the next rounds of the FLL tournament.

The theme for the FLL competition for the 2014-15 season, is 'World Class'.  This subject topic, challenges the competitors to research and introduce teaching methods for education enhancements of the future.

Patriot Engineering Team has arrived at a base topic for their project, and will be working toward a finished project in the coming weeks !   The PET members will also be formulating their plan of attack for the robotics challenge portion of the competition, in which they performed so well in 2013-14.   Wish the team 'good luck' !!!

PET team members Lane, Mason and Grayson, during the 2013-14 regional qualifying tournament.

PET members assembling the practice table and equipment at team headquarters.

PET members working on a plan for 'World Class', 2014-15 FLL competition.

Patriot Engineering Team #8636, of Addison Texas.

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